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Coaching Services

I currently offer a 6-month program that begins January 1st and July 1st each year.  This highly-structured program takes women on a journey of self-discovery and healing as they access and develop the divine feminine within.   This program includes 4 courses, assignments and feedback to teach, mentor and coach my clients as they break down and release blocks that have caused their stagnant energy.  As they work through the program, they access more and more of their authentic, divine selves that have been buried under trauma, stress, unhealthy masculinity and unhealthy femininity.  

Each six months, we explore one of the following aspects of the divine feminine:

  • The Lover

  • The Mother

  • The Wise Woman

  • The Queen

Each six months, I only select nine women who qualify for the program.  Click below to request access to the assessment to see if you qualify.  

Note: If you qualify during months other than December and June, you will be contacted about our waitlist option as well as tools and resources to help you until the program begins.

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