Life Coaching Services

Some people call me a coach; I do too sometimes.  But what I really would like to be referred to as a Safe Space Creator, a Conversation Facilitator, and Emotions Activator and a Vulnerability Practitioner.  So what does that mean? Our sessions (safe space sessions) together will be a safe space where you can express whatever is on your heart and mind. You will have the opportunity to discuss the things that you are too afraid to share with your closest friends.  I have heard so much that nothing shocks me and nothing will provoke me to shame you for feeling, thinking or exploring anything. Within these spaces, I will facilitate conversations that will help you think deeply, tap into your emotions and strengthen your  vulnerability muscle- all are keys to establishing authentic connections.   


Areas of expertise:

  • Relationships: dating

  • Loss/grief: divorce/separation, break up

  • Mental health/ emotional healing: mindfulness practices, self-awareness, shadow work, inner child healing

  • Energy healing: chakras

Upon booking a session, you will be contacted via email to begin the on-boarding/intake process.