About Rachel


Rachel D. Garrison goes by so many titles: author, blogger, community builder, mental health advocate, safe space, curriculum developer, life coach and shadow work coach.  Ultimately, they are all different ways to call her what she truly is--a healer.  Her work focuses on examining internal and external relationships through the lens of emotional intelligence.  Her purpose is to help you heal and have healthier relationships by activating your emotions, growing your self-awareness and increasing your capacity for vulnerability.  


To achieve this goal, she birthed four initiatives:  

  1. Rachel launched an online group coaching program where the hard questions are asked and explored together, vulnerability will be the norm, and support will be readily available.  She coaches on shadow work topics such as self-love, procrastination, self-mastery, managing emotions, and manifestation.  Sign up here.

  2. For those individuals who need an objective, listening ear and accountability as they do the emotional work to heal inner wounds and be their best selves, she offers individual coaching via Safe Space Sessions.  In these sessions, she offers her wisdom, her introspective questioning strategies and her healing tools and practices.  Schedule a session.

  3. Rachel offers online courses throughout the year on topics such as shadow work, setting boundaries, vulnerability, attachment styles and breakup recovery.  Available course listed here.

  4. She also created a 31-day declutter challenge and self-love challenge.  She hosts these programs once a year.  Contact Rachel for availability here.

But when this native New Orleanian isn’t healing and caring for others, she cares for herself by attending concerts of artists such as Moonchild, Emily King, Jill Scott and The Internet.  You can get a closer look into her private life in her blog and see how she transforms emotions into written word in her books Chasing Unicorns: Life as an Early Millennial and #soIknowitsreal.

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