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About Rachel


I'm a spiritual life coach and shadow work coach which means I help guide you in inner work. As a shadow work coach, I bridge the gap between therapy and life coaching.  I don't replace therapy but I help you examine the past and guide you in your inner work so that you can move forward.  I make my clients aware of behaviors and patterns that are hindering their growth and show them how to overcome those self-sabotaging blocks.  I have a specialty in chakras, manifestation, relationships and money management.  


I hold a BA in English from Dillard University and a MA in Teaching from Rice University.  I am also a certified life coach and utilize my background in education and my studies in spirituality and shadow work to create curriculum and coach others.  As a coach for the last five years, I have had the honor of being a guest on several podcasts and radio shows to showcase my work and knowledge in the field of love, shadow work, self-awareness and relating/relationships.  


I typically work with women new to the spiritual journey to help them find their light and manifest the life they desire without fear by making them aware of behaviors and patterns that are hindering their growth.   As a result, my program and courses save my clients time because it fast tracks the inner work which accelerates your growth.  My purpose is to help you heal your wounds so you can have healthier relationships with yourself and with others.  Working with me will activate your emotions, grow your self-awareness and increase your capacity for vulnerability and empathy.  

Besides being a coach, I’m also a mother and an author in Houston, TX.  You can get a closer look into my private life and see how I transform emotions into written word in my books Chasing Unicorns: Life as an Early Millennial, #soIknowitsreal and Rainbows and Sunsets.

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