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#soIknowitsreal picks up right where Chasing Unicorns leaves off---with a woman fanning her bosom, drinking lemonade and awaiting her next cool breeze. 


One day, he just appeared like

“an unexpected cool breeze

in 86-degree, 100% humidity, Texas weather.

She showed him her heart and said,“This is all I have left”

To which he replied,

“That’s all I need;

all I’ve been looking for;

all I’ve ever needed

with enough left over for

a lifetime



When the cool breeze arrives, he fuels a flame in each of them that neither of them knew existed.  They discover that the attraction is just as much spiritual as it is physical, and they share not only an unwavering love but also a powerful energy.  They are each other’s family, friend, healer, lover and teacher; they are each other’s home.


They are more than soul mates; they are twin souls who are battling walls and long-held fantasies and societal norms, so that they can shift love paradigms and love for love’s sake.  


#soIknowitsreal (in color)

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Shadow Work

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